Privacy statement

Personal data we collect.

For our clients we collect personal data. This personal data can be collected through a pixel, via a video in social media or through a form on a website. What matters is that we will always ask for consent on collecting your personal data. For some closed platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Google) we don’t always ask you directly for consent. This is because you’ll have the option to manage your own data within this platform.If we collect your data, we will always specify what we are going to use the data for. We will make sure there is always an option where you can decide if you want to share your data with us or if you rather won’t.

How we use personal data.

Our aim is to only be relevant for our client’s customers. When we collect data, we only use them to make campaigns and brand experiences more engaging. Your data will help us to show you only the most relevant advertisements. We will never use your data for other brands or purposes you did not agree too.  We will not share or sell your data to other parties unless your specifically gave approval to do this.

How we access and control your personal data.

We value your security and will do everything within our power to protect your privacy. When we store your data, it will be securely stored on our protected encrypted servers. Only we will be able the enter your data unless you gave permission for other parties to do so.

Cookies and similar technologies.

Our clients use cookies on their websites to measure campaign impact, improve the effectiveness of their website and campaigns and to be more relevant to you. We always advise our clients to make sure you always know if your data are collected (through a cookie or similar technology) and you stay in control over your own data. We help our clients to clarify this in a cookie-warning.If you really want to prevent cookies from being set, check out the links below for your browser.
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